Samford College of Health Sciences – Selective Demolition

RELEVANCY: Environmental Services including Asbestos Removal:

This contract was selected to demonstrate our project experience in providing Interior demolition services during periods of occupancy by the owner and coordination around multiple trades:

Deconstruction (hand demolition) of system furniture and all interior finishes throughout multiple buildings
Concrete breaking and cutting for demolition
Working at heights – Extensive Roof Planter System  Demolition
Demolition of Critical Systems including Rolling File systems
Submittals including safety plans & work plans

LEC perfromed the demolition of rooftop concrete structures and planters (over 200 tons) soil removal from the rooftop as well as 75,000 SF of interior demolition.  Since the building was occupied, critical barriers were constructed to separate the project area and work was performed under negative pressure. Floor protection was installed for entrance and exit of the work area and pedestrian tunnels were constructed for public access to the building.  Fall protection including anchor points were installed work worker safety. A 60 ton crane and skip pans were utilized to ‘fly’ the concrete and soil off of the rooftop to be loaded for transport. LEC was instrumental in setting up a waste disposal route from all locations without use of the elevators; which were unable to keep up with the traffic from all the trades.  LEC built elaborate ramps from the third and fourth floors which not only assisted in a smooth demolition plan but the follow on contractors were able to utilize the ramps for the betterment of the entire project.

Samford College of Health Sciences - Selective Demolition