Randolph Air Force Base – Bldg. 861 – Mold Remediation and Rebuild

Project Highlights

This contract was selected to demonstrate our project experience in providing Mold Remediation /Interior demolition services during periods of occupancy by the owner and coordination around multiple trades:

Deconstruction (hand demolition) of system furniture and all interior finishes throughout multiple buildings
Demolition of Critical Systems
Submittals including safety plans & work plans

This project consisted of the removal of approximately 65,000 square feet of interior drywall ceilings and walls; in addition to, the removal of VCT tile, ceramic tile, and carpeting. LEC, also, removed and replaced cabinetry; and applied Ultra Tex Super Hard Texture System to all the walls and ceilings.

All areas of work had a critical poly sheet inside the building with four and/or six mil plastic sheeting which segregated the interior of the building from the exterior of the building. At least one layer of six mil poly was used. A negative air machine was used to provide negative pressure in the work area to control mold emissions that were not visible; the machines also served as ventilation.

The work area was demarcated with barricade tape and warning signs. All PPE was followed per OSHA standards and Texas State Protocol. LEC completed this project on schedule – under 90 days.