Selective Interior Demolition

Demolition of residential, industrial and commercial facilities is increasingly coming under the scrutiny of regulators due to the presence of regulated materials in many different building products.  The scrutiny extends from notifications, general occupational safety, nuisance dust control to the abatement of regulated materials and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials.  While most construction debris can be disposed of in regular landfills, some demolition debris could be hazardous and must be tested, manifested and disposed of accordingly to avoid liability, “from cradle to grave”.

From selective demolition to total demolition, LEC has the experience and knowledge to assemble a team of contractors, consultants, waste haulers and project managers who can bring your facility down to grade safely, economically and in compliance with all the various regulations that apply.

Demolition Services from Lakeshore Environmental Contractors

Experience and Knowledge

Safe Execution

Compliance with all the various regulations

LEC has provided demolition services for residential, industrial, and commercial settings.  Our experience includes from the smallest residential demolition to large commercial interior selective demolition.

Upon completion of each project, you will be provided a comprehensive project manual that includes testing results, engineering controls and work practices, hazardous waste manifests, disposal tickets, daily activity logs, safety meeting reports and other vitally important documents which should help alleviate your liability.

There are numerous EPA, OSHA, and DOT regulations that apply to demolition projects.    LEC can provide turn key services for all your demolition needs.  From selective demolition to total demolition, LEC is your one stop shop.  With our office headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama we can cover most demolition projects in the Southeastern region of the United States.

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