Infection Control

Infection Control

The basic tenet of the healthcare profession is “Do Not Harm!” If we aren’t careful, patients leave the hospital sicker than they arrived. LEC takes pride in providing safe environmental services in hospital and institutional settings requiring and benefiting from such services.

“Infection Control” refers to protecting patients and the hospital environment from simple construction activities.

Along with dust, airborne mold and fungi spores can be released into the air during construction work in a hospital or other healthcare facilities. LEC’s precision planning and preventive measures are a must prior to starting hospital construction. That’s where LEC excels in the industry.

Committed to Accountability

Safe Environmental Services

Stringent Guidelines

Ten years ago, only a cursory effort was being made in the direction of infection control during hospital construction or renovation. Today is different. Many professional groups are committed to the awareness, analysis and accountability in this area: The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health care Organizations, APIC (Association for Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology), the Center for Disease Control as well as AIA offering help in planning and execution of these precautions.

LEC has always had its own stringent guidelines and strict procedures for infection control during hospital renovation or construction. Our corporate guidelines meet and exceed those of “the Joint Commission” as well as AIA’s ICRA. LEC is experienced and committed to protecting both patient and workers in the process.

We use airtight barriers with exhaust airflow away from controlled space. We maintain “negative air pressure”. LEC maintains existing air quality requirements for occupied areas, such as patient isolation rooms, surgical suites and research & lab areas closely connected to them.

LEC provides “Infection Control” as only one of many environmental services, protecting occupants and the owner’s assets as well.

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