Guntersville Dam—Electrical Stator Walnut Blasting

Project Highlights

Sensitive media blasting is unique in that it not only requires standard containment but also requires the workers to be flexible in accessing and treating the media. In this photo, LECs experienced workers built a staircase within containment to reach the media

Environmental Remediation Services
Sensitive work environment / client needs
Stator blasting requires highly skilled & unique contractor

Lakeshore was contracted through GE to clean sensitive electrical Stators within the dam. LEC determined that walnut shell blasting would provide the most desirable outcome and limit waste materials. LEC is one of only a handful of contractors who have the knowledge experience, and equipment capable of performing such a demanding scope. LEC and GE have a long-standing relationship performing this type of activity.

Coordination of work meeting TVA & GE requirements
Approved submittals included Work and Safety Plans

Sensitive media blasting also requires hand cleaning and care to maintain the integrity of the component.

LEC Steam/Hydroelectric Experience

LEC experience map