Lead Removal

Lead Removal – Primary Source

Lead removal is more than just the removal of that old lead-based paint in your old house. There are several materials where you will find lead and need it removed. Lead-based paint is the most sought after, followed by Lead Dust, Lead Contaminated Soil, Lead-based Paint in industrial and commercial properties, and Lead Dust in manufacturing facilities.

Lead poses several health risks to everyone in contact with it. Your body stores this lead and can enter into your brain, kidneys, liver, and red blood cells where toxic effects start to develop. Not removing it properly can also cause health problems to all those in contact with it. That is why you need to make sure when you have a lead problem you get it removed properly.

Lead Removal

Experience and Knowledge

Safe Execution

Compliance with all the various regulations

LEC has provided lead removal services for residential, industrial, and commercial settings.  We make sure that everything is removed the first time to avoid any of those serious health problems associated with lead in the body.

Upon completion of the lead removal, LEC will provide you with a manual or a report that breaks down the services performed and any test results of before and after the service has been completed. We will also provide you with any documentation required that are vitally important that will help alleviate any of your liability.

There are numerous EPA, OSHA, and DOT regulations that apply to lead removal projects. LEC can provide turn key services for all your lead removal needs. With our office headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama we can cover most lead removal projects in the Southeastern region of the United States.

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