Stan Roth

Project Manager – Overview

Stan is responsible for the day to day business administration of the company; Stan also serves as an estimator and project manager for environmental contracts. He evaluates new developments in asbestos control technology and environmental remediation techniques in order to deliver the safest, most cost effective project approach available.To ensure client satisfaction, Mr. Roth personally manages the activities of the projects in progress. He continually strives to improve the efficiency of the field operations by monitoring job cost and project progress. He has built an extensive expertise in the preparation and execution of asbestos removal projects. He has a vast knowledge of regulatory requirements for asbestos abatement projects, as well as standards for application methods and materials of re-fireproofing.In the preparatory phases of a project he communicates with the building owner, occupants, the architect/engineer, and regulatory agencies. He develops the project design, and prepares the work plan. During the execution phase he is responsible for planning and scheduling. He interacts with the owner representatives and third party environmental consultants.He is responsible for business development and estimating and proposal preparation. He is generally the first person to discuss prospective work with the client. Because of his years of experience in the industry, he can advise regarding technical and regulatory aspects of proposed work. He will uncover and define particular client needs and project parameters. Purchasing and procurement, accounting operations including job cost tracking, and coordinates accounts payable and receivable.


Asbestos Supervisor, Multiple States;   Lead Abatement Supervisor Multiple States: Air System Cleaning Specialist, Molds Fungi and Micro Organisms, Waste and Emergency Response Operations, Basic Operator and Scaffolding 101, State of Alabama Commercial Driver’s License # 4609362  CDL Class A  Double Triple Trailer – Hazardous Tank  Vessel, Commercial Pilot 

Relevant Project Experience

Asbestos Containing Material Abatement, Lead Based Paint Remediation and Demolition at Naval Air Facility Key West, Florida Building C-1 Trumbo PointKey West, FL. 

Project Manager for environmental demolition required for renovation of 1940’s era seaplane hangar.  Work involved asbestos removal including floor tile and mastic, Lead based paint removal on all structural steel and concrete roof deck and interior demolition.  All work was performed in 49 days substantially ahead of schedule.


The Former Rust Building at Ridgepark.

An asbestos abatement and demolition project involving the core areas of a 5 story professional office building. Demolition and abatement of the 125,000 square foot facility was completed in the extremely tight schedule of 95 days. The removal of 125,000 sq. ft. of chrysotile fireproofing throughout the building.  Being a fast-track project consisting of 45 man crew which had to be completed within an eleven week time frame in order for Brasfield and Gorrie General Contractors, Inc. to complete the build-back portion prior to the re-opening for the American Red Cross’s new Birmingham Headquarters’. Projected consisted of the abatement of fireproofing, pipe insulation, 9 x 9” floor tile removal and interior complete demolition.


Asbestos Containing Material Abatement at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force StationColorado Springs, CO. 

Removed approximately 30,000 square feet of sprayed-on asbestos containing material (ACM). Friable ACM had delaminated from the tunnel walls/roof and particulate matter/dust had settled on ducting / piping / horizontal surfaces of the facility roof and floor. The project was completed in two phases. Phase I included spill response/cleanup of the facility roof, piping, ductwork, and all horizontal surfaces. Phase II included the complete abatement of three dust barriers. In order to expedite the fieldwork, the project schedule included site work conducted six days per week, 24 hours per day in 2 shifts. An additional ACM coating was encountered during the asbestos abatement. Bhate identified the material as ACM and developed a removal technique to minimize schedule impact. The project, completed at one of the nation’s highest security facilities, was completed to the satisfaction of our customers.


Pentagon Environmental Demolition – Navy Phase II Segment 2A1

An asbestos removal, lead based paint removal, PCB Remediation and demolition project involving the second phase of wedge two in the basement of the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. Demolition and abatement of the 85,000 square foot segment of the Pentagon was completed in the extremely tight schedule of 90 days.The scope of work included initial removal of asbestos and lead based paint and disposal of previously identified asbestos-containing materials (ACM); demolition and disposal of all materials (asbestos and demolition debris). A pre-construction conference was held on-site prior to initiating abatement/demolition activities in order to acquaint key personnel with site-specific organizational and health and safety issues. A full-time quality control monitoring program was implemented and maintained by LEC. Proper documentation of abatement and demolition activities was completed and reported on Daily Quality Control Reports (DQCRs) to ensure successful project completion in accordance with the project specifications.


AT&T / BellSouth Regional Contract – Asbestos and Lead Containing Paint Removal. 

Under contract to for abatement in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee and as required in the additional 6 other states AT&T/ BellSouth serves. As Project Manager/ Program manager under the Regional contract Mr. Roth completes the project review on all. Over the last nine years LEC has performed over 100 projects per year.

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