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Asbestos Abatement.

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Click here for official communications on hazards of AsbestosThe hazards and threats asbestos present are well documented. Back then, it was thought not only to be a good product for insulation and fireproofing, but it was even viewed as a “miracle mineral “, seemingly protecting every conceivable type of product and industry. That was years ago. Like other issues and products, we have come to learn that asbestos’s environmental and health effects have world wide impact.
 LEC’s vast experience in asbestos abatement has been proven repeatedly over the years. From asbestos removal in a small Tennessee bakery to massive work at the Pentagon, removing asbestos, lead based paint, PCB contamination & other materials followed by interior demolition, LEC handled each aspect of its abatement and demolition.                                                   LEC’s takes total responsibility for regulatory Agency coordination, scheduling issues, permitting, removal of all contaminants, transportation and disposal, close out documents, clearancesampling data, landfill disposition manifests, site personnel certification as well as all medical monitoring data.LEC’s workmanship, materials and procedures meets or exceeds local, state, federal, EPA & OSHA standards and guidelines.

Lakeshore Environmental takes a “hands on” approach to every project. Executive level personnel oversee all field work.


LEC’s  Goal is the same, regardless of project size, type or complexity:

“…to safeguard the Occupants and to protect the Owner’s interest.”

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