Regions Center, Birmingham, Alabama (14th Floor Water Damage)

At 4:00 A.M. on a Sunday morning, a two inch (2″) domestic hot water pipe failed at a joint on the 14th Floor.  Hot water flooded the floor until steam finally set off the fire alarm system at which time the building maintenance shut off the line.  However, water had already migrated to the lower lobby, thirteen (13) floors below.

LEC personnel immediately responded with water extraction equipment, dehumidifiers and fans to start the drying out process and to prevent mold amplification.  Work took place on all thirteen (13) floors with the majority occurring on the 14th Floor.  LEC replaced water damaged building materials as necessary and conducted repairs.

The bank later discovered some water damaged files which LEC removed to an offsite location for mold remediation using freeze drying techniques.  The files were successfully salvaged and returned to Regions Bank for further use.