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Scaffolding and Work Access Services

LEC has significant experience with effective scaffold engineering, OSHA compliance, design, erection and dismantle.

A diverse inventory of mobile and stationary systems enables our scaffold teams to respond immediately to client needs, including access for maintenance, new construction, outages, or turnarounds with strategically located scaffold yards to mitigate schedule challenges.

LEC - Large Structure Scaffolding



Shoring Services

Our experts can provide temporary shoring support for existing structures during important repairs and alterations or for demolition and renovation purposes. When you need support for structural modifications of beams or floor systems, let our field, engineering, and installation experts design and install the best solution and equipment for your next project.

Scaffold Shoring - Birmingham, AL


System Scaffolding

System scaffolding is versatile, simple, strong and easy to use with a design allowing for adaptation to various structures. Our customized supported scaffold applications allow multiple points of safe access for projects of greater height, and our dedicated designers will work with you to find the most productive and cost-effective solutions for your next project.

System Scaffolding


Scaffolding Safety

We emphasize safety in all our product offerings, and scaffolding is no exception.  We provide on-site inspection in addition to our design, erection, and dismantle services to keep your project running smoothly.  We also offer safety training to guard your workers from potential injury.

Scaffolding Safety


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