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Henry Harrison.

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Henry Harrison

Senior Project Manager

Relevant Project Experience


BellSouth Headquarters Building Birmingham, ALAn operational facility which scope of work entailed interior demolition and the abatement of 700,000 square feet of spray-on fireproofing and an elaborate decontamination unit on each floor giving accessibility to all work areas. A portion of the abatement project was performed utilizing a series of complex tiered scaffolding and the “dance-floor” system which enabled the work to be performed above the operational floor. The complexity of the project required that the Headquarters Building remain operational and occupied while maintaining a low profile with minimal disruption to the building daily operations. The 30 story building was staged in multiple phases consisting of abating (3) floors per phase. The removal of 25,800 sq. ft of spray-on fireproofing per floor. The project demanded intricate coordination with the building owner and managers, and various trades involved. The project was completed on schedule, within budget and accident free.




Regions City Center, Birmingham Alabama

Mr. Henry Harrison of Lakeshore Environmental Contractors has served as the Senior Project Manager for asbestos removal projects at the Regions Center located in Birmingham, Alabama from 2007 – 2009.  As the Asbestos Abatement Contractor, much of the work was accomplished for the General Contractor, Brasfield & Gorrie, while other portions of the work were preformed directly for Heery International, the Construction Project Management Company for Regions.


The bulk of the project consisted of the general demolition of construction materials and the abatement of asbestos-containing materials on ten (10) executive floors.  This work was accomplished over a six (6) month time span.  Work was limited to nights and weekends in order to keep the office building functioning without interruption during normal business hours.


While demolition and abatement activities where in process, it was discovered that numerous nuts and bolts which hold the exterior window curtain wall onto the structure of the building were missing.  Because each of the connections are located in a supply air plenum with asbestos-containing fireproofing over spray present, Lakeshore Environmental Contractors assisted Heery International  and the consulting engineering firm of WJE Engineering in inspecting, identifying and documenting where the nuts and bolts were missing at over three thousand (3,000) locations in the thirty (30) story building.  Under the direction of WJE Engineering, Lakeshore Environmental Contractors cut openings in the window knee walls at 300 locations to install new bolts, washers and nuts.  This required the relocation of furniture in order to access the knee walls, the  abatement of asbestos sheetrock and over spray from each individual location, the installation of new sheetrock, the finishing and painting or installation of vinyl wall covering at each location and the reinstallation of furniture, cabinets or module work cubicles.  Again, all work was performed at night and on weekends.


A separate mechanical upgrade project has been under way for the past two (2) years.  Part of this mechanical upgrade required new electrical conduit and mechanical piping to be run from the Central Plant in the basement of the building to a Penthouse mechanical equipment area.  The new services were scheduled to run up two (2) the thirty (30) floor air shafts.  It was discovered that these air shafts were contaminated with asbestos fireproofing over spray and pipe insulation.  Lakeshore Environmental Contractors successfully installed a complicated scaffold system thirty (3) floors tall in the two (2) air shafts, abated asbestos-containing fireproofing and pipe insulation, provided safe work platforms on this scaffolding for the mechanical and electrical contractors to use in running their systems while keeping sufficient air flow for occupant comfort in these two (2) return air shafts.


Lakeshore Environmental Contractors has also been involved with a number of other small but specialized asbestos, demolition and construction projects at the Regions Center.  These include abatement and core drilling for the installation of new electrical bus duct from the basement to the penthouse, remediation of mold from air handling units and office areas, the construction of a covered pedestrian walkway at the south street level in order to accommodate exterior construction work and the demolition of exterior architectural louvers and concrete block wall which were both contaminated with asbestos.  The architectural louvers & CMU work was accomplished off of stages thirty (30) floors above street level.


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